The Beso rural clinic

For-Ethiopia operates in the Ejere Area; a region with a population of 150,000. The residents are cared for by a central health centre in Addis Alem. It has a number of smaller rural clinics and unmanned health posts that are used by nurses when vaccinations need distributing.

Despite the life-saving work performed by the nurses, many of the rural clinics still have no running water or electricity. For-Ethiopia exists to help change this and bring communities together to deliver a better quality of life.

Solarsense's expedition

The SouthWest's leading solar installers, Solarsense, will visit Addis Alem in February 2011. It will complete a solar PV installation at the Beso rural clinic that will provide power for the much-needed vaccination fridges.

The clinic serves a population of 5,000; protecting them against diseases including HIV, AIDS, BCG, measles and polio. As well as life-saving vaccinations, the Dulas solar fridges also stock other medications and contraceptives.

How you can get involved?

Throughout 2011, Solarsense is hoping to complete six solar installations on behalf of For-Ethiopia across the Ejere Area to help care for the local residents. To achieve this goal, it needs to raise another £15,000.

All donations made will go directly to For-Ethiopia and help buy fridges, solar panels, batteries, and lighting.

Please make your donation through Virgin Money Giving

About For-Ethiopia

For-Ethiopia's primary objective is to reduce poverty and increase well being by improving the existing provision of water, health and educational services in the Ejere Area. It believes that small development projects change lives. And by listening to the needs of the local people, For-Ethiopia only implements the projects they've chosen.

About Solarsense

Solarsense is the leading installer of solar technologies in the South West and is based near Bristol . Established in 1994 and with over 3,500 installations completed, it is one of the most experienced installers in the UK . Solarsense installs PV and solar thermal systems on domestic, commercial and agricultural buildings.

Solarsense takes its social responsibility very seriously. It donates a percentage of its gross profits to help projects or areas of the world most in need, and has been involved in a range of solar projects to improve sanitation, health or social facilities.

For more information please visit www.solarsense-uk.com

Solarsense: a sound investment in our ecological future
Solarsense are going to be at Glastonbury this year and will be offering to charge mobile phones using the solar pedicab for a donation to For-ethiopia. Pop along to their stand and see what else is going on... Pedicab  
Staff from Solarsense will be running the Bristol Half Marathon on September the 5th 2010, to raise money towards a project in Ethiopia.