St Joseph's
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School.

St Joseph's were the first school to get involved with For-ethiopia.

They have formed a link with the Efa Beri junior school in Addis Alem and have carried out fundraising events and swapped pictures and shared information.

In January 2010, two students went to Ethiopia with their parents and visited two schools in Addis Alem. At Efa Beri they were able to meet the children and give a presentation including a video produced by the students of St Joseph's.

On the 8th July 2010 they will be carrying out another Sponsored Water Walk in order to raise funds for For-ethiopia.

They have previously undertaken two 'Sponsored Water Carry' events, details of which can be seen below.

  Sponsored Water Carry - 2005  
  Drawings exchange  
  Sponsored Water Walk - 2006