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Bristol - Addis Alem schools
Before travelling to Ethiopia in October 2004, St Josephs school in Bristol presented us with some lovely drawings drawn by their students...
Village travels in 2004
Tigist and Rob visited Addis Alem in October 2004. See what they found and what work has been done...
Village travels in 2003
Ride alongside Tigist as she researches the conditions and problems facing modern-day Ethiopian villagers on a trip to her Grandmother's ancestral home...

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Video clips from 2004

We have added a few video clips of the 2004 trip.

Take a look at life in Addis Alem...



We returned to the town of Addis Alem in October 2004. The road had got much worse and meant travel was only possible by bus or 4x4. But the government are in the middle of building a new road from Addis Ababa to Ambo which will pass through Addis Alem making future travel much easier.

The well at the junior school was complete but required a few alterations to make it safer (at least in the eyes of UK health and safety) which meant it was out of action for a few weeks.

We presented drawings to the junior school from Bristol and gave the students lots of drawing materials.

We talked with students from both the junior and senior schools to find out what problems they were having and walked with some of them to see their routes to school.

We also visited the spring where a large number of families obtain their drinking water. This is going to be our first big project and we are hopefully going to improve the cleanliness and storage facilities to enable safe drinking water all year round.

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Village Photos 2003

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Village Photos 2004
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