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Rural life
Bristol - Addis Alem schools
St Josephs school in Bristol made contact with Addis Alem by sending drawings by the students to the village junior school...

Village travels in 2004
Tigist and Rob visited Addis Alem in October 2004. See what they found and what work has been done...
Village travels in 2003
Ride alongside Tigist as she researches the conditions and problems facing modern-day Ethiopian villagers on a trip to her Grandmother's ancestral home...

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School Link

Before travelling to Ethiopia in October 2004, St Josephs school in Bristol presented us with some lovely drawings drawn by their students.

This gave us the idea to take drawing materials with us when we visited the junior school in Addis Alem and to ask the students there to produce some drawings for us to bring back.

When we arrived at the Efa Beri school in Addis Alem, the students were very happy when we showed them the drawings all the way from Bristol. They seemed very excited that children from another country were thinking about them...

We took out boxes of pens, crayons, coloured pencils, rulers and other things to help them produce drawings and to use in the school. We also took out many sweets which were very quickly eaten!

Drawings from Ethiopia

Drawings from Bristol

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